My approach


My name is Kayla. I am warm, compassionate and care deeply about connecting with others. I seek to understand the experience of each individual and respect what makes each person I work with unique. 

I work with individuals using a mix of psychotherapy, yoga therapy and compassion based mindfulness meditation in order to “re-wire” the brain and body to soothe distress, enrich relationships and support self-care practices.

I specialize in addressing symptoms of depression, anxiety, work/emotional burnout, symptoms of trauma, self-harm ideation and relationship concerns. I support clients through chronic pain and complications resulting from medical diagnoses.

Should there be concerns regarding accessibility regarding face-to-face work, I frequently engage in sessions via Skype or telephonically. I recognize that there can be barriers to attending therapy and would like to work with you to facilitate a facilitation that fits in your life with ease.




Sessions can be facilitated face-to-face, via Skype, or telephonically (depending on the service required)

My approach

I focus upon the strengths of each individual as a basis for deepening awareness of thoughts, emotions and needs of the physical body in order to identify a unique path for healing and growth.

My philosophy is that much of the therapeutic work occurs using practices that empower clients to enrich their daily functioning. I apply all tools I work with on my personal development and have learned much from years of refining my own self-care practices. I am highly aware of the barriers that daily life poses to self-care and am committed to fine tuning practices that can fit into anyone’s life, no matter how busy or complex.

I am appreciative of diverse world views and use an anti-oppressive and collaborative approach to therapy.