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My name is Kayla

I am warm, compassionate and care deeply about connecting with others. I seek to understand the experience of each individual and respect what makes each person I work with unique. 


​I work with individuals using a mix of techniques to “re-wire” the brain and body to soothe distress, enrich relationships and support self-care practices. 


​I practice from an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist, and sex positive viewpoint. I work with with clients of all gender identities and sexual orientations. This is an LGBTQIA2S+ safe space. 

I hope to support you to deepen your self-understanding, increase your self-kindness, decrease overwhelm and resolve emotional triggers, blocks and unfinished business from trauma or painful memories. 


My home office

I'm located in the Annex near Spadina subway. I have two sweet cuddly cats and they may sit beside you during your session. If you have a cat allergy, live far away, have mobility issues or require the convenience of meeting online, I am happy to accommodate video sessions. 

Yoga by the Ocean

Therapy can help to

  • Soothe anxiety

  • Heal PTSD

  • Address burnout 

  • Plan career changes

  • Set boundaries

  • Overcome depression 

  • Cope with high sensitivity

  • Heal wounds of childhood neglect or abuse

  • Increase self-worth and self-compassion

  • Decrease overwhelm

  • Deal with cluttered space and home stressors

  • Address relationship and family concerns

  • Improve follow-through/motivation

  • Support post-traumatic growth

  • Solidify and prioritize self care practices

Therapeutic Approaches

  • Compassion based psychotherapy 

  • Mindfulness

  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)

  • IFS (internal family systems therapy)

  • EFT (emotion focused therapy)

  • KonMari method (technique to simplify your physical space) 

  • Yoga therapy

White Sand and Stone
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